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Driven by the demand of analysing ever smaller amounts of analytes in the life sciences, modern analytical tools require an excellent signal-to-noise ratio combined with a high dynamic range of detection. In addition, with fast emerging high throughput screening technologies, optical detection of specific binding events is increasingly being performed at solid surfaces with high spatial resolution.

With respect to the latter, evanescent wave optical techniques, such as surface plasmon spectroscopy (SPS), and waveguide mode spectroscopy, have taken their place as a mature bioanalytical technique for the quantification of molecular recognition events. Evanescent wave technology has been successfully implemented into immunosensor platforms for simple, rapid, and label-free detection of various biochemical analytes. If combined with conventional fluorescent techniques, these optical detection methods outrun many other analytical tools, with detection limits never been achieved with any other method.

Waveguide mode - as well as surface plasmon - fluorescent spectroscopy (SPFS) are extremely accurate (bio)analytical tools, providing real-time information for a large variety of different sensing events.

RES-TEC wants to exploit in-depth knowledge about evanescent (optical) analytical techniques to provide cutting-edge research grade solutions for your bioanalytical demands.